These are some of our up-to-dated machineries to be used in our factory. Our company are focus on new technology in order to serve various customer needs and make you confident with the quality product we provided.


TRUMPF : Punching Machine
This TRUMPF TRUMATIC 5000 R offer you the flexibility to process a uniquely diverse range of parts. The many and varied applications stretch from simple to complex sheet metal parts with serial forming and excellent surface and edge quality.

        Work Area  : 3,050 x 1,550 mm.
        Max. Axis Speed   : 116 m./min.
        Max. Stroke Speed  : 1,400 Strokes/min.
        Max. Material Thickness
(depending on the availability
of punch and die) :
        Mild Steel   : 8 mm.
        Stainless Steel  : 6 mm.
        Aluminium  : 8 mm.

TRUMPF : Laser Machine

With the laser the variety of geometries which can
be cut is significantly increased. You also cut efficiently
and quickly. No other technology can offer you these
advantages the way a laser does.


Working Range
- X Axis : 3,000 mm
- Y Axis : 1,500 mm
- Z Axis : 75 mm

Laser : TruCoax 2500

Max. Material Thickness
- Mild Steel : 16 mm
- Stainless Steel : 6 mm
- Aluminium : 5 mm

Max. Axis Speed : 85 m/min

TRUMPF : TruBend 3120

The TruBend Machine allows you to process almost
any complex part geometry, it offers precise results
and very best working speed. With the 5 axes backguage
ensures that the parts are always positioned accurately.
And the TruTops software will simulate all step of the
process and report the problems before it happen.


- Bending force : 1,200 kN ( 120 tons force )
- Bending Length : 3,110 mm
- Maximum material thickness 5 mm
for steel and stainless steel
- Throat : 420 mm
- Rapid Speed : 200 mm/s

- Fully automatic with TruTops UnFold & Bend
- Quick setup tools by pneumatic clamp
- Auto back gauge 5 axes
- Minimum angle 30 degree ( < 3.0 mm )

HAAS - CNC Lathe Machine - TL1
Controlled by CNC program
Work length : max 600 mm
Work diameter : max 203 mm
Spindle bore : max 58 mm
Spindle speed : 2,000 rpm
Power : 7.5 hp (5.6 kW)

KOYO GIKEN - Spot Welding Machine
Spot any type of material
Thickness Maximum 3.2 mm
Table size 800 x 1,000 mm
Significant reduction in the finishing work

Bending Machine
For bending of round pipe, round tank
as well as large flange
   - Maximum material thickness 6 mm
   - Minimum Diameter 100 mm

For shearing, punching, angle shear,notching

Miller TIG Welding Machine

O.T.C MIG Machine

Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutting Machine